About MMCL Finance

MMCL Finance Limited formally known as Miliki-Makazi Company Limited is a Housing Microfinance Company which was created and registered by the Business Registration and Licensing Agency (on the 24th day of July 2018) with the certificate of incorporation number 137 185 008 MMCL FL's primary role is to promote and facilitate low or middle income households residing in urban towns, cities or villages, to bprocure and/or live in affordable and adequate homes or shelters as well as enable them to generate incomes from entrepreneurial businesses which they can then use to sustain their livelihoods In this endeavour, MMCL FL offers a range of housing and business loan products to clients using various forms of product delivery channels.

With a BoT license, MMCL-FL has a broader mandate to offer a range of Products and Services which include housing microfinance, microcredit to small and medium enterprises, individuals and groups of individuals, provision of loan disbursement services for the delivery of credit programme of Government, agencies, groups and individuals, micro leasing, agency banking, micro insurance agency, equity investment and other activities as maybe permitted by the Bank of Tanzania from time to time.

The core focus of MMCL-FL's business is "Housing Microfinance." Nevertheless, when viewed in a broader context, "Housing Microfinance" encompasses a dual spectrum of housing and business activities. In this comprehensive perspective, MMCL-FL's business is inherently inclusive. As illustrated in the enclosed diagram (insert), housing microfinance serves as the intersection point between real estate development and microfinance. In simple terms, housing microfinance represents a fusion of microfinance and responsible, poverty-alleviating real estate development practices.